Cryptic’s Artist Residency programme, delivered in partnership with Cove Park, Argyll & Bute, provides the time and support for artists to focus exclusively upon their own practice, engage with artists working in different fields or with different approaches to their practice. Since 2012, Cryptic has curated an annual creative artist residency programme at Cove Park focusing on music, sound and multi-media with over 40 artists benefitting from the programme.


Cove Park is Scotland’s international artist residency centre on the Rosneath Peninsula. Over 1,500 visual artists, writers, designers, craftspeople, musicians, filmmakers and performers from Scotland and around the world have been former residents. They value the space, time and freedom the residency opportunity offers them to develop their artform.


 “Having the time and space to research and creatively think has been the most beneficial aspect of the residency. I feel that I did a great deal of work on the conceptual unpinning of the performance. This time dedicated to research and thinking is something that I would not have been able to achieve if I was going about my habitual days in Glasgow.” Josh Armstrong 2017


Previous Cryptic Artists-in-Residence include: Josh Armstrong, Cathie Boyd, Gavin Bryars, Tim Cooper, Daniel Danis, Anthea Haddow, Diane Labrosse, Mark Lyken, Duncan MacAskill and Alan Martyn.  Previous artist residencies have subsequently led to work which has been presented at Usine C, Montréal; The Cultch, Vancouver, Canada; Latvian National Opera; CMMAS, Mexico; National Theater, hcmf//, UK; Aldeburgh Music, UK and MAC Créteil, France.

Our 2018 artists in residence include: William Aikman; Veda Hille; Kathy Hinde; Kin; Heather Lander; Yair Lopez; Maotik; Alex Menzies; Thembi Soddell and Robbie Thomson.

Cryptic has worked in partnership with Cove Park since 2002.



Cryptic Artists at Cove Park, Autumn 2018


Yair López (Mexico)

“I will focus on reading, research, writing and plan to write around ten short pieces in a very free format (poem or mini fiction). From that text, I want to make sonic sculptures and video.”

Yair López studied Geophysics, Communications and Multimedia Engineering and uses his scientific background, to combine technological errors and seismic data with poetry to create audio-visual works. Yair has exhibited in Mexico, Spain, Japan, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Germany, Finland and Northern Ireland. 

Yair’s residency is part of Seeing Hearing UK Mexico, a three-year collaboration between the UK and Mexico made possible with the support of Anglo Arts, the cultural department of The Anglo Mexican Foundation A.C; British Council Mexico; CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras) and Cryptic. 


Cryptic Associate Artists at Cove Park, Spring 2018


Kathy Hinde (UK)

“I would like to spend time developing my existing set-up for live improvisation. This includes home-made instruments, objects, adapted instruments, live electronics and video, and research ongoing areas of interest in theory around Dark Ecology, Cybernetics, New Materialism and Post-Humanism.”

Kathy Hinde’s work grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audio-visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light. She has shown work across Europe, Scandinavia, China, Pakistan, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. Kathy received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2015, and in 2017, she received an ORAM award for innovations in sound and music and a British Composer Award. She has been invited to join the SHAPE network for 2018. 


Heather Lander (Scotland)

“I plan to further develop some new video techniques which I began experimenting with last year. In addition to this I’ll be bringing some new materials with me to look at constructing a new sculpture for projecting onto.”

Heather Lander is a visual artist creating immersive sonic light sculptures. Born in Portland, USA, she graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s MFA in 2015. Her practice focuses on ideas of magic, the virtual and the ways technology can, and will, affect our interpretation of reality.       


Robbie Thomson (Scotland)

“I am planning to work on three main areas over two weeks: developing ideas for my 2018 project Tunnel, developing Infinite Lives, ahead of Sonica 2018 in April, and making some small compositions whilst working with software I’ve not really had time to get fully involved in before.”

Robbie Thomson is a visual artist working in sound, kinetic sculptures and visuals. Based in Glasgow, Thomson is a member of 85A and the Glue Factory and has presented his work in Australia, France, Indonesia, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Korea and widely across the UK.



Cryptic Artists at Cove Park, Spring 2018


William Aikman (UK)

“Following my previous work Self Portrait as a Musical Instrument, I wish to continue my research into interactive music notation. In my new planned work audience members are encouraged to perform with a Virtual Reality Graphic Score. Going beyond the tradition of using graphic notation in contemporary music composition, this performance work will use physical and virtual notation to create new musics.”

William is a sound designer, composer and sound artist working in Glasgow. He is a Graduate of Glasgow School of Art. Over the last year his Self Portrait installation was exhibited at Cryptic Nights, Glasgow; the Morley Gallery, London and was shown at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven in October 2017. William regularly collaborates with other artists, including Rachel Maclean, author, Jenni Fagan, video artist Rhona Muhlebach and Clara Ursitti. He also designs sound and composes for film and television.


Veda Hille (Canada)

“I am looking forward to a time of writing exploration and experimentation and am interested in the notion of duets, between two voices or between two of anything. I also plan to reconnect with my first instrument, the acoustic piano.”  

Veda Hille has been writing music, making records and performing internationally since 1992.  She lives in Vancouver and is a classically trained pianist, art school drop out, performance curator, self-taught singer, theatre interloper and independent artist. New projects include King Arthur’s Night (Neworld Theatre), The Bakkhai (Stratford), and a new solo show featuring songs from her long career. 


Kin (UK)

“I plan to develop my audio-visual installation Watchtower, building upon the themes of surveillance and communication, the interplay of safety / comfort / protection / risk / fear, the shift from targeted surveillance to mass surveillance, and the related shift in perspective.”

Kin combines sound, moving image and physical structures to create multi-sensory installations often incorporating technology and digital tools (motion sensors, software, tracking devices) to examine understandings of nature, agency and how environments mediate relationships between people. A current area of interest is using imagery and metaphor from the natural environment to explore power within the digital landscape and the relationship between communication and surveillance technologies.


Maotik [Mathieu Le Sourd] (Canada)

“During the residency at Cove Park, I will continue my research into generative design and focus on sound design.”

Montréal-based Digital Artist, Maotik, focuses his work on the creation of immersive multimedia environments and generative visuals that explore the relationship between art, science and technology. His work has been presented at Mutek Festival (Montréal, Mexico City, Barcelona and Tokyo); Live Cinema, Rio de Janeiro; Plums Festival, Moscow; Signal Festival, Prague; British Film Institute, London and ARS Electronica, Linz.    


Alex Menzies (Scotland)

“I will be working on a new composition for string ensemble, and possibly choir, incorporating ideas from my research into psychoacoustics and spiritual music.”

Alex Menzies is a musician and composer, operating in various fields of sound including electronic production, sound installation and instrumental composition. His main interest is in combining traditional forms of composition and musicianship with the more experimental approaches allowed by modern technology. Recent work has included scoring BBC science programmes, Order & Disorder and Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams, and Scottish Ballet’s Sibilo.          


Thembi Soddell (Australia)

“During this residency, I will be refining the methods for concert presentation of a recently completed electroacoustic composition, Love Songs. This will involve sound spatialization and experiments with integrating text into the presentation of the work, examining the question of how text might shape a listener’s experience of a sound composition to develop meaning from an otherwise abstract experience.”

Thembi Soddell is an Australian sound artist, electroacoustic composer and practice-based researcher with an interest in psychology, perception, subjectivity and emotion in relation to intense encounters with sound. She works primarily with the sampler, generating sounds from field recordings, instrument textures, played found objects and synthesis.

Thembi’s residency is supported by Australia Council for the Arts and The SUBSTATION, Melbourne, Australia.