Cryptic’s international artist residency programme, delivered in partnership with Cove Park, provides professional development time and support for musicians and digital artists to focus exclusively upon their own practice, whilst engaging with other artists and receiving peer-to-peer learning. The emphasis of Cryptic’s residency programme is on research and the development of existing or new work and is not geared towards a final presentation.

This talent development opportunity is essential for both the artists and for Cryptic in nurturing the next generation of creative talent. Ultimately, the combination of international and UK artists at various stages in their career is what makes the learning experience so inspiring and for many artists it’s the ‘must go’ date in their calendar.

Since 2012, Cryptic has curated this annual artist residency programme at Cove Park focusing on music, sound and multi-media, with over 50 artists benefitting.


 “This residency came at a perfect time for me… I felt like I returned to myself and to my practice as a player and composer.” Veda Hille, 2018


Our 2019 artists in residence include: Katie Anderson, Matthew Grouse, Heather Lander, Daniel Magee, Kian McEvoy,Marta Noone, Alex Smoke, Robbie Thomson & Mark Vernon (Scotland) and Alba G. Corral (Catalonia), Sabina Covarrubias (Mexico), Jorge Luis Crowe (Argentina), Push 1 stop & Wiklow (Québec), Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey (Australia) & Adam Hakeem (Ghana). 



Cryptic Artists at Cove Park, Spring 2019

Heather Lander 

“I will be working on two projects at Cove Park, the first, a small series of sculpture-based work  that is part of a Cryptic commission from The Peatlands Partnership to be shown at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh in the summer and the second is a collaboration with Alex Smoke which will see me compiling video content to be projected onto a shallow pool of water and mist.”

Heather is a visual artist creating immersive sonic light sculptures. Her practice focuses on ideas of magic, the virtual and the ways technology can, and will, affect our interpretation of reality. 

Alex Menzies [aka Alex Smoke]

“I will be working on an installation with Heather Lander which involves a multi-speaker array and a newly created drone-instrument. My process will include research into Celtic history and mythology and the creation of DSP patches used for the sound design computer, Kyma.” 

Alex is a musician and composer operating in various fields of sound including electronic production, sound installation and instrumental composition. His main interest is in combining traditional forms of composition and musicianship with the more experimental approaches allowed by modern technology.

Robbie Thomson 

 “During my time at Cove Park I will mainly concentrate on making music and getting to grips with some research material. Recently I have been experimenting with building small synthesisers and coding firmware, I would like to build some interesting patches that could be useful for future standalone instruments on Arduino DUE and Teensy platforms… then create some compositions around these instruments.”  

Robbie is a visual artist working in sound, kinetic sculptures and visuals. Based in Glasgow, he is a member of 85A and a founding director of independent arts venue, The Glue Factory.



Scottish Artists at Cove Park, Spring 2019

Katie Anderson

“The piece I will be working on during the Cove Park residency is titled Sound Horn. This is a sculptural and immersive sound installation, and is an ongoing developmental project to explore the effect of a created soundscape on our experience and understanding of place.”

Katie is an artist based in southern Scotland, interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice.

Matthew Grouse

 “I’m excited to be starting development on the music and sound of an audiovisual collaboration with visual artist, Andy Sowerby. Our triptych (of which the first two portions are completed) will be presented at a Cryptic Nights in 2020, and we are just beginning work on the third and final part.”

Matthew is a composer who regularly combines media with his music. His work is often concerned with human frailties and finding the remarkable in the seemingly ordinary or mundane aspects of everyday life.


Daniel Magee

“I aim to use my time to work on the next stage of growth for my Lo Kindre electronic music project. I will transport my entire home studio to Cove Park and the work I hope to develop will be in the form of sketches, experiments and finally, finished pieces.”

Daniel is a Glasgow-based Irish musician inspired by the weight of bass and the weightlessness of echo. He creates a stripped-back meld of down tempo drum-machine and dub-influenced synth music.

Kian McEvoy

“During the residency I will be focused on further developing my current project, Entanglement. I will be experimenting with various methods of presentation, developing algorithms that will provide the structure for the piece. Once I have the structure, I will be able to start processing accompanying field recordings.”

Kian is an artist, maker and musician based in Glasgow. His work spans film and moving image, live audio and video performance, composition and improvisation, exploring ways in which the characteristics of technology can be exploited in order to express aspects of our experience and our relationships with the natural world.

Marta Noone

“I think that the close connection with nature at Cove Park and working in silence and solitude will inspire me to create new, deep and gentle sound designs.”

Marta is an Italian-born musician and visual artist undertaking aesthetic and philosophical research that uses sound and image to explore ancient civilisations and historic environments. 

Mark Vernon

“I will be focusing on developing a new performance work based  upon recordings of the Glasgow subway and interviews with SPT transport workers.  I’m interested in the aspect of the underground network as two concentric circles travelling in opposite directions – a ‘loop within a loop’ – and will be looking to draw parallels with compositional processes that use open reel tape, cassette and digital loops.”

Mark is a sound artist and radio producer based in Glasgow. He also records and performs in the duo Vernon & Burns.



International Artists at Cove Park, Spring 2019

Alba G. Corral (Catalonia)

“I am going to work on the project Ex(o) ex(O), a singular audiovisual performance merging my aesthetics and technical research with the work of musician Alex Augier into a clearly articulated artistic proposition.”

Alba is a visual artist and creative coder based in Barcelona. With a background in computer engineering, she has been creating generative art using software and coding for the past decade. Her practice spans live performance, video, digital media and installation.

Sabina Covarrubias (Mexico)

“During my residency in Cove Park, I will work on my project: Gestures of Light. This is an interdisciplinary work that integrates five different fields: experimental-algorithmic-photography, live generative-video, multichannel electroacoustic music composition, live performance and research.”

Sabina is a composer, multimedia artist, and a researcher in the field of computer music. Her works encompass a wide variety of genres and have been shown in renowned concert halls and at festivals in France, Mexico and USA.

Jorge Luis Crowe (Argentina)

“In the development of previous work, I started experimenting with motors connected to audio amplifiers, using them as speakers. For this residency I will resume this research, but with a focus on live AV performance, developing instruments capable of generating sound and visual content.”

Jorge is an audiovisual artist, electronic developer and teacher based in Buenos Aires. He has exhibited, performed, hosted conferences and workshops in more than 30 cities across Europe and the Americas.

Push 1 stop [Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules] & Wiklow [Michael Dean] (Canada)

“During our time at Cove Park we will continue prototyping two audiovisual works. The first investigates sound as visual sculptures while the second presents sonic form on black mirrors and holographic surfaces.” 

Cadie (aka Push 1 stop), is an interactive media artist. Self-taught, she has worked in Montréal’s post-production and visual effects industry for 10 years where she specialises in digital composition.

Michael is a composer and multimedia artist based in Montréal. Under the pseudonym Wiklow, he creates “a world of familiar digital sounds given organic autonomy” (MUTEK 2015).

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey (Australia)

“We will develop a performance and installation work that combines approaches to animated score, which is generated from essentialised elements of horizontal and vertical possibilities from the local landscape.”

Madeleine and Tim are acclaimed Australian artists who create unexpected situations for listening. They have a long-term collaborative practice. Their work is driven by a curiosity and questioning about listening in human culture and seeks to evolve and engage with new processes and audiences, through public and participative interventions.

Hakeem Adam (Ghana) 

“I aim to continue working on refining my approach to employing sound as the predominant narrative device in video art. To achieve this, I will be researching different methods of developing sonic and digital arts as well as actively developing a new body of work.”

Hakeem is a Ghanaian artist-in-learning and freelance arts and culture writer exploring the power of narrative, transmitted through various creative outlets including poetry, creative writing, photography, video art and sound design.