“How can we collectively manifest an experience of a landscape… a landscape that you can reach out and touch, feel, experience totally, remotely, in sound and image, as if in semi-sleep?”

Inspired by time spent in the Dýrafjörður fjord in Iceland, D Ý R A is an audiovisual installation using landscape, light and sleep as a means of creating and exploring altered states and environments. Combining ambisonic and hydrophone recordings with a live improvised score by SHHE, sound artist Sam Annand and lighting designer Emma Jones, D Ý R A presents a sonic, visceral and meditative reimagining of the Dýrafjörður landscape.

This residency was used to explore a number of sound spatialisation and lighting techniques, playing and experimenting with the perception of space, time and liminal states ahead of SHHE’s 2021 Cryptic Nights performance.

SHHE is the alias of Dundee based Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer, Su Shaw. Shaw’s artistic practice is influenced and informed by environment and her work often explores themes of identity and connection.

Sam Annand is a Scottish sound artist and engineer who specialises in audio synthesis, spatialization, resonance and reverberation. Annand is co-founder of Esk, a group of practitioners from various backgrounds in sound, research and design focusing on recording, publishing, events and installations.

Emma Jones is a lighting designer based in Dundee. Jones’ lighting designs have been seen all over the world, most recently in Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Argentina, Chile and Peru. She is currently Associate Artist with Glasgow-based physical theatre company, Shotput.”