“How can we collectively manifest an experience of a landscape… a landscape that you can reach out and touch, feel, experience totally, remotely, in sound and image, as if in semi-sleep?”

Following a 2020 Cryptic Nights residency and inspired by time spent in Dýrafjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland, SHHE presents D Ý R A. Developed in collaboration with sound artist Sam Annand and lighting designer Emma Jones, this multidisciplinary work uses landscape and sleep as a method for creating sound and exploring altered states of consciousness. Combining video, ambisonic and hydrophone recordings with an improvised score, it is a sonic, visceral and meditative reimagining of the Dýrafjörður landscape. 

SHHE’s residency was used to explore a number of sound spatialisation and lighting techniques, playing and experimenting with the perception of space, time and liminal states in the development of D Ý R A.