Them! There! Eyes?

Cryptic presents the ninth in our sensory series of audiovisual appetisers broadcast at 13.00 GMT (and available for 24 hours) on the second and fourth Thursday of every month to offer you a welcome lunchtime escape from emails and online meetings. Down tools and indulge in some digital delights to invigorate and inspire for the afternoon ahead.

Time to take your lunch break and savour a Sonic Bite…  on Thu 11 February

Sonia Killmann’s highly stylised audiovisual work addresses the concept of eye contact as a powerful feature in creating emotional bonds. Consisting of broken up and heavily processed samples of Ella Fitzgerald’s recording of Them There Eyes, merged with synthesizer sounds and field recordings, the singer’s voice becomes unrecognisable as it accompanies extracts of Fritz Lang’s pioneering sci-fi epic, Metropolis.