Vocal Workshop with Rully Shubara, Senyawa

One-day vocal workshop with Indonesian vocal artist, Rully Shubara, at the Alexander Gibson Opera Studio, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – a unique opportunity.

Rully embodies the aural elements of Javanese music whilst exploring the framework of experimental music practice, pushing the boundaries of both traditions. His extended vocal technique strikes a perfect balance between his avant-garde influences and cultural heritage to create truly contemporary Indonesian new music.

As one half of Senyawa, he has performed at Sydney Festival, MONA FOMA Festival in Tasmania, the Adelaide Festival with Korean singer Bae Il Dong, toured as special guests of Australian supergroup Regurgitator, performed at the Glatt und Verkert Festival in Austria alongside Kazuhisa Uchihashi, as well as the Malmo Sommarscen Festival in Sweden, Salihara Literature Festival in Jakarta, CTM Festival in Berlin, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Clandestino Festival in Norway and Oct Loft Jazz Festival in China.

Senyawa has also collaborated and performed with many notable musicians such Robin Fox, Yoshida Tatsuya, Lucas Abela, KK Null, Keiji Haino, Melt Banana, Jon Sass, Damo Suzuki, Jerome Cooper, David Shea and Kazu Ushihashi.

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