About the Artist

Heather Lander is a visual artist creating immersive sonic light sculptures. 

Born in Portland, USA, she graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s MFA in 2015 with a distinction (1st class) and was also awarded the highly distinguished Bram Stoker Medal for the most imaginative work of the year. During 2016 she presented video installations with Cryptic Nights at the CCA, Glasgow International with Simon Harlow at The Briggait and was invited to exhibit at The Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh.

Her practice focuses on ideas of magic, the virtual and the ways technology can, and will, affect our interpretation of reality. Heather continues her research into time, light and most recently, has begun to introduce sound into her installations – this is something she plans to continue experimenting with and developing over the coming years. 

In 2017, Heather will work with Indonesian arts organisation, Tanahindie, in Makassar as part of the British Council UK:ID Season.

Materials and durations 1.2

Playing with our perceptions of space, this imaginative video installation moves between light and dark, silence and sound to challenge our understanding of physicality and its perpetual movement through time.