Cove Park

Cryptic’s Artist Residency programme, delivered in partnership with Cove Park, Argyll & Bute, provides the time and support for artists to focus and reflect exclusively upon their own practice while engaging with artists working in different fields or with different approaches to their practice.


Cove Park is Scotland’s international artist residency centre on the Rosneath Peninsula. Over 1,500 visual artists, writers, designers, craftspeople, musicians, filmmakers and performers from Scotland and around the world have been former residents.

Cryptic has worked in partnership with Cove Park since 2002 and has curated a creative artist residency programme at Cove Park each spring since 2014.

Previous Cryptic Artists-in-Residence include: Josh Armstrong, Cathie Boyd, Gavin Bryars, Tim Cooper, Daniel Danis, Anthea Haddow, Kathy Hinde, Diane Labrosse, Heather Lander, Mark Lyken, Duncan MacAskill, Alan Martyn, Steve Morris, Kaspars Putniņš, Robbie Thomson and Tom Weightman.

Previous artist residencies have led to work which has been presented at: Usine C, Montréal & The Cultch, Vancouver, Canada; Latvian National Opera; Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS); Autumn Dance Festival, National Theatre & Concert Hall of National Performing Arts Centre; Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan; Ars Electronica, Austria; hcmf// & Aldeburgh Music, UK; Melbourne Festival, Australia; Culture Station 284, South Korea; and EXIT Festival, Maison des Arts et de la Culture de Créteil, France.

Since 2014 we have brought ten UK artists to Cove Park and in 2017 we brought eleven artists from four countries.


“I was able to spend an intensive period of time developing and researching a new project and also brushing up and delving further into the theory that surrounds my practice.”
Cove Park Artist 2016



Cryptic Associates at Cove Park 2017


Josh Armstrong (Scotland)

“The time at Cove Park comes between two creation periods, leading up to the premiere of Shorelines and I will be using the time at Cove Park to reflect on the developments of the production and forward plan for the remaining period of creation.”

Josh Armstrong is an interdisciplinary Director, characterised by bold design, visual composition and artistic collaboration. He has worked with Cryptic since 2009, becoming the first Cryptic Associate Director in 2011. He has directed the work of composers including Gavin Bryars, Oliver Coates, David Donaldson, Tan Dun, David Lang, Peter Maxwell Davies, Purcell and Shostakovich in productions that have been staged across the UK and internationally. 


Kathy Hinde (UK)

“I will be working on a new immersive audio-visual installation and plan to experiment with water, gongs, metallic objects and computer controlled kinetic systems.”

Kathy Hinde’s artwork and music grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audio-visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light. She performs with adapted and self-made instruments and has created works that combine kinetic sculpture and musical automata, in addition to a number of online soundmaps.


Heather Lander (Scotland)

“I will be developing a new video installation work and using a large part of these two weeks to experiment with new ideas and new materials.”

Heather Lander is a visual artist creating immersive sonic light sculptures. Her practice focuses on ideas of magic, the virtual and the ways technology can, and will, affect our interpretation of reality. Heather continues her research into time, light and most recently, has begun to introduce sound into her installations – this is something she plans to continue experimenting with and developing over the coming years. 


Robbie Thomson (Scotland)

“I am going to work on the development of a new work, Infinite Lives. I will work mainly on the sound, music and video design of the piece but also on the general development of the concept and staging of the work.”

Robbie Thomson is a Glasgow based artist and theatre maker who works with kinetic sculpture, music, lighting design and technology. His Cryptic projects have been shown across Australia, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands and widely around the UK.


Cryptic Artists at Cove Park 2017


Eduardo VC (Mexico)

“I am planning to fully develop the first movement of my latest piece Etos Jonos Robos, which focuses on the sounds of the piano”

Eduardo VC is currently developing a live set that fuses his field recordings, audio processing and music improvisation to generate atmospheric soundscapes that are ‘underscored’ with real-time visual performance.

Eduardo’s residency is supported by Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS), Morelia and Anglo Arts, Mexico.


Tuwis Yasinta [Uncle Twis] (Indonesia)

“I plan to make a playable musical instrument created from found objects. The creation of the instrument and its performance will be informed by my experiences as an artist in Indonesia and my response to the environment of Cove Park.”

Tuwis Yasinta is a young Indonesian artist based in Surabaya whose work involves the playful modification, deconstruction and re-construction of objects.

Tuwis’ residency is supported by British Council Indonesia as part of the UK:ID Season.


Gail Priest (Australia)

“While at Cove Park I am hoping to develop the text, sound and video material that will make up the content of a new installation that forms part of my ongoing explorations, Watching Listening.”

Gail Priest makes experimental sound and electronic music that explores the interaction of the figurative and the abstract, the mechanic and the organic, the sensual and the brutal.

Gail’s residency is supported by The SUBSTATION, Melbourne, Australia and The Australia Council for the Arts.


Robert Bentall (UK)

“I am planning to work on a new piece for Swedish nyckelharpa and live electronics, a development of Telian, which uses sounds from this unique instrument within a sonic art context .”

Robert Bentall’s main output thus far has been works for multi-channel sound. He is interested in aspects of genre hybridity in electronic music, remix culture, surround-sound techniques and improvisation.


Trudat Sound & Light (Scotland)

“We want to use the time to focus on the performative aspects of a new project… For us the advantage of a residency like Cove Park is that we can work together for an extended period of time without distraction.”

Trudat Sound & Light is Charlie Knox and Euan McKenzie. Their work explores themes of perspective and the relative nature of detail and draws inspiration from sculptural, natural and architectural sources as well as from contemporary club culture and various strains of electronic and electroacoustic music. 


Stuart Macpherson (Scotland)

“I hope to have a stronger understanding and clarity in my own artistic process and would like to use this opportunity to explore other soundscape ideas and compositions allowing for outside influence from the environment and other artists in residence.”

Stuart Macpherson is a freelance bassist and composer. A keen collaborator, Stuart enjoys working with artists from different disciplines, drawing on his experience within the workshop environment as well as his skills as an improviser to bring about innovative responses to creative questions.