Homecoming: Station Stories

Sven Werner


Leave the hectic modern concourse behind and find yourself transported to a series of cinematic worlds in miniature. By donning headphones and peering into a striking Victorian inspired peepshow viewer, you embark on a journey in a gramophone-powered train carriage whizzing through the snow.

Homecoming: Station Stories was part of Homecoming Scotland 2014, managed by EventScotland funded by Creative Scotland and presented in association with ScotRail.


“A deep place in the imagination, beautiful, unsettling, hard to forget.” ★★★★ The Scotsman



Creative Team:

Creator: Sven Werner
Composer: Graeme Miller
Set Designer: Rebecca Hamilton
Performers: Rachel Jarman, Tony Kernan, Louise McVey, Jana Robert, Omiros Vazos and Sven Werner