Cove Park Spring Residency

This March we continue our partnership with Cove Park for our Spring Residency programme with Cryptic Associates Josh Armstrong, Mark Lyken and Robbie Thomson, plus Cryptic Nights artist Heather Lander and Timothy Cooper, Alan Martyn (Wintour’s Leap) & Tom Weightman.

Cove Park’s residencies actively respond to the diversity of contemporary artistic practice in all the art forms, whether performing or visual arts, crafts, literature or music. Their interdisciplinary programmes, for both individuals and collaborating groups, offer time, space and freedom to make new work and to find new ways of working.

The View_Credit Rory Middleton

Image from Rory Middleton’s site-specific Cryptic Nights, The View at Cove Park (March 2012).

Sonica 2016

We are proud to announce that Cryptic will make Kings Place its bi-annual London home. After three successful years in Glasgow, the Sonica festival will alternate between the two cities from 2016 onwards.

Cryptic have a long-standing relationship with Kings Place, first appearing in 2011 as part of the Out Hear programme with Cryptic Nights. This provided a unique and supportive platform for emerging Scottish artists with fresh ideas in live music, visual art, film and new media.

In 2015, Cryptic presented Kathy Hinde’s Piano Migrations as part of the annual Kings Place Festival, whilst playing a pivotal role in Kings Place’s successful Minimalism Unwrapped series, where we presented a series of performances including: Oliver Coates & Danny Driver – Patterns in a Chromatic Field, Oliver Coates presented by Cryptic and The Little Match Girl Passion.

The New Alps

The New Alps is inspired by the monumental interventions humans have made on the planet though the creation of manufactured landscapes and our relationship to geological time.

Rusting embers of industry litter the slopes of the New Alps, an open-air burial on eroded ground above the tailings of mineral extraction. Bauxite may have been refined here at one time; the vast red lagoon is hemmed by a concrete levee that forms an unwavering alkaline shore before the regiments of cliffs. The earth reverberates from the rhythmic charge of automated machinery, burrowing conquerors reigning in a sublime manufactured landscape, emulating purpose in repetition.

This is a remote place. We are removed from it.

Tipping Point

Audio visual artist and composer Kathy Hinde explores the sonic complexities and possibilities of combining glass vessels with shifting water levels in this Cryptic commission for Sonica 2014. Sound tones are produced live via a microphone that feeds back inside each glass vessel. As the water levels change, the feedback is tuned to different pitches based on the resonant frequency of the remaining space in each glass vessel. The work forms both a sound sculpture and a live instrument for performance.

Cryptic commission for Sonica, Tipping Point is a collaboration with John Rowden at the Scientific Glass Workshop in the School of Physics at the University of Bristol with software designed by Matthew Olden.

The Age of Digital / Analogue

Exploring the relationship between man, machine and landscape, NORTH OF X’ (Sisi Lu) The Age of Digital / Analogue is a cinematic journey that combines live performance with digital modes of expression. Using elements of pop culture, music, film and sound design, this is a story of contrasts where the physical and digital complement and enhance one another.

Sisi Lu was awarded a 2013 Sky Academy Arts Scholarship to create The Age of Digital / Analogue.

The Terrestrial Sea

The Terrestrial Sea highlights the diverse and ever-changing environments of the Cromarty Firth through music and film. In 2012 Mark Lyken was Artist in Residence at The Lighthouse Field Station in Cromarty, where he worked alongside the Field Station’s team of ecologists, IOTA and the University of Aberdeen to record The Terrestrial Sea album.

With visuals commissioned by Cryptic for Sonica, Lyken has developed The Terrestrial Sea into a captivating cinematic performance with regular collaborator and filmmaker, Emma Dove.

“Mark Lyken transcends this revolving door of a reality by giving us so much to be thankful for. A stellar, touching release. Welcome to the terrestrial sea…”  Fluid Radio

“A poem to the grim beauty of Scotland’s Cromatry Firth.” The Wire

Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Emotionally chilling and visually bold, Papermoon’s intimate non-verbal puppet play, Mwathirika (meaning “victim”), explores both the history of loss and the loss of history in Indonesia. Their extraordinary puppetry style stems from two traditional techniques, the 1000 year old Indonesian art form often found in Java and Bali called Wayang kulit (shadow play) and Teater Boneka (doll play), generally used for narrating children’s stories. This intricate work explores new and unexpected ways to engage present-day audiences with Indonesia’s troubled past, telling highly personal stories and promoting shared values that transcend our cultural, political and societal differences.

Post-show discussion // Thu 10 September
Suitable for children aged 12+, accompanied by an adult

Gamelan Untethered

A futuristic fusion of gamelan, western instruments, voice and visuals built around the theme of our relationship and understanding of the cosmos. Javanese gamelan instruments play alongside synthesizers, guitars, piano and voice, featuring original music composed by members of Naga Mas and avant garde jazz musician Sun Ra.

A weird and wonderful evening awaits you…

Jompet Kuswidananto

Following his recent success at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, trend-setting innovator and Asia renowned visual artist, Jompet Kuswidananto brings his Grand Parade to Glasgow. Currently up-and-coming in Europe, Kuswidananto is part of an energetic, community-driven art scene in Yogyakarta where he creates multimedia installations that often combine video, sound and mechanized elements.

Featuring fascinating groups of life-sized figures wearing festive, ceremonial and political dress, this colourful assembly is an exploration of identity and the ways in which different, sometimes even contradictory ideologies are negotiated in Indonesian society. His work is inspired by the island of Java and its rich history of continuous transition between religious beliefs, political regimes, rural and urban culture, science and spirituality. The Grand Parade absorbs all of these elements into one shared space that can be both peaceful and playful and in an instant become tumultuous and threatening.

Sat 12 September // 2pm // Guided tour with Remco de Blaaj, Curator, CCA // Free but ticketed

Jim Allen Abel

A curious and striking commentary on the current power systems inherent in Indonesian society by artist and photographer Jim Allen Abel.

The second instalment in a trilogy of works, Uniform_Code investigates the influence of uniforms on those that are seen to be in a position of trust and authority. Based on conversations with his father who was a teacher, and required to wear the distinctive dress assigned to all Indonesian civil servants, Allen’s work focuses on how the idea of uniform is often used to obscure individuality and their specific duties in constituting a bigger entity. Presented as a striking series of passport photographs, each with differently and unusually disguised faces, his work challenges and manipulates our perceptions of recognizable figures and their role in society.

Indonesian Banquet

Thinking global and eating local for over 20 years, Stravaigin have their fingers firmly on the foodie pulse, offering an exclusive Indonesian banquet of mouth-watering street food, desserts and drinks.

Booking essential.

Discover a delicious selection of daily specials on offer at Stravaigin on Fri 11 and Sat 12 September or sample the street food-favourite of Jakarta with Saramago’s seasonal gado-gado salad, served daily from 12noon throughout the course of the festival.

Soeryo Soemirat

Originating from the Mangkunegaran Royal Palace in Surakarta, the Soeryo Soemirat community was originally formed to train and develop exclusive dancers for royal ceremonies known as langen projo. Beautiful and entrancing, their signature dances are accompanied by the meditative sounds of the Royal Gamelan Orchestra, preserving and celebrating two of Indonesia’s oldest and highly treasured art forms.

Discover Soeryo Soemirat around Glasgow:

12 September // 2.30pm // The Burrell Collection // Free
13 September // 1pm & 2pm // Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum // Free

Goenawan Mohamad

An insightful conversation with influential writer, poet and activist, Goenawan Mohamad. Over the past 30 years he has pursued a tireless fight for freedom of expression, leading to the foundation of several arts and media organisations and establishing the Indonesian press as one of the most liberal in South-East Asia.

This is followed by Indonesia Today, a 4pm discussion on present day life in Indonesia from a cultural perspective, featuring Goenawan Mohamad, Jim Allen Abel, Rafly Kande, Jompet Kusiwidananto, Papermoon & Senyawa.


Hailed as one Indonesia’s most popular singers and having sold more than one million albums over the past five years, Kande’s moving and enchanting blend of world music mixes rich vocal texture with a distinctive combination of Acehnese traditional percussion and western instrumentation. Known for works that express themes of peace and harmony, the word ‘kande’ originates from the Acehnese candle historically used as a symbol of hope during prolonged periods of political upheaval and unrest. Kande’s colourful and energetic performances sustain this legacy, inspiring and uplifting modern-day audiences, most recently in the wake of the 2004 Tsunami that left the Province of Aceh hardest-hit by the disaster.


Yogyakarta’s Senyawa rough up traditional Javanese music with a punk attitude and avant-garde aesthetic. The band’s neo-tribalist sounds veer from twisted folk to experimental metal. Rully Shubara’s extended vocal techniques alternate between bloodcurdling screams, manic throat singing and choirboy incantations, while Wukir Suryadi is mesmerising on his handcrafted “Bamboo Spear”. This stringed invention allows for both rhythmic percussion and melodic bowing and plucking, creating a fusion of sound that is both traditionally Indonesian and incredibly progressive.

The Little Match Girl Passion

JS Bach Jesu, meine Freude (Motet No. 3 in E minor, BWV 227)
David Lang The Little Match Girl Passion for four voices (SATB) each playing simple percussion (2008)

Cryptic presents David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize winning The Little Match Girl Passion, combining Hans Christian Andersen’s heart-breaking tale with J.S. Bach’s setting of the St Matthew Passion. In a unique presentation of this previously un-staged masterpiece, the tragic story of the little match girl is brought to life by vocal ensemble and percussion.

Reverent and gracious, J.S. Bach’s commemorative masterpiece Jesu Meine Freude acts as a poignant precursor to the fragile beauty of the little match girl.

The Little Match Girl Passion

David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize winning The Little Match Girl Passion combines Hans Christian Anderson’s heart-breaking tale with J.S. Bach’s St Matthews Passion. In a unique presentation of this previously un-staged masterpiece, vocal ensemble and percussion bring the story of the little match girl to life.

‘… sung to perfection… drives like an emotional dagger towards the heart, challenging and thrilling as it goes.’  Scotsman *****

‘a breathtaking and timeless piece of theatre’ *****

Unlacing Orlando

10.30am -12.30pm: Screening of Sally Potter’s Orlando, featuring Tilda Swinton.
2pm – 3.30pm: Symposium Part I
4pm – 5pm: Symposium Part II

Dr Jane Goldman, Reader in English Literature at the University of Glasgow, hosts Unlacing Orlando, an exploration and celebration of Virginia Woolf’s novel and its modern cultural legacies.

Dr Jane Goldman is author of The Feminist Aesthetics of Virginia Woolf: Modernism, Post-Impressionism and the Politics of the Visual (Cambridge UP, 1998) and co-editor of Modernism: An Anthology of Sources and Documents (Edinburgh UP & Chicago UP 1998). Her recent publications include Modernism, 1910-1945: Image to Apocalypse (Palgrave, 2004) and The Cambridge Introduction to Virginia Woolf (Cambridge UP, 2006). She is editor of Woolf’s To the Lighthouse for Cambridge, and is currently writing a book, Virginia Woolf and the Signifying Dog.

Her research and teaching interests include: Modernism and the Avant-Garde, Virginia Woolf Studies, Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Fiction, Literary Theory (including theories of gender, sexuality and feminism), American Literature, Comparative Literature, interartistic analogy, suffragist and suffragette aesthetics, canine aesthetics and animality studies. She is particularly interested in the work of Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, Nathanael West, Kurt Schwitters and the songs of Mary Poppins. She is also a poet, working towards her first collection.


Administrator, Full Time
IRO £16,000 to £18,000 per annum

Cryptic is looking for an enthusiastic and committed Administrator to join our small team. The successful candidate will assist in the delivery of Cryptic’s artistic programme including our 20th anniversary celebrations. This job includes company and office administration plus PA to the Artistic Director.

You will have at least one year’s experience in a similar position and will have the ability to work to tight deadlines and to respond in a flexible way to the changing demands of a small, busy arts company. Knowledge of the arts sector is not essential, but we are looking for a person who learns quickly and values excellence.

For an application pack please click links below:
Administrator Application Form 2014
Administrator Job Description 2014

If you have any queries please contact Caroline Thomson, Head of Planning on 0141 354 0544 or email

Application Deadline: 9am on Friday 7th March 2014
Interviews: Tuesday 11th March 2014 in Glasgow

Cryptic is an Equal Opportunities Employer, Charity no. SC022476
This post is supported by Creative Scotland

Sven Werner

About the Artist

Sven Werner was born in Brussels and grew up in Luxembourg. Werner graduated from the National Film School of Ireland in 2006 and since 2008 he has lived and worked in both Berlin and Glasgow. Werner’s background as a filmmaker has a significant influence upon his work.  His recent immersive visual sound installations create atmospheric film scenes that use miniature models to introduce audiences to his poetic, magical worlds.

Sven Werner became a Cryptic Associate in 2012.

Cryptic Commissions include:

Tales of Magical Realism, Parts I, II & III

Taking his feature film Oculista as core inspiration, Werner has developed Tales of Magical Realism, an immersive artistic experience in three parts, which allows the audience to enter his world of magical realism and experience its richly atmospheric cinematic journey from within.

Homecoming : Station Stories

Escaping from the hectic modern station concourse, 21st century travellers are transported into a series of cinematic worlds in miniature. Donning headphones and peeping into a Victorian peepshow viewer, audience members embark on a journey speeding through the winter countryside.

Dan Ayling

Dan Ayling is a director who specialises in modern plays and contemporary opera, with a particular interest in text, space and gesture.

Working across the media of drama, dance and music, he tells visceral and immediate stories of power. His work often combines disparate art forms to create powerful, moving expressions of what it means to be human. He is particularly interested in developing collaborative relationships with other artists from a range of disciplines in order to create exciting and beautiful pieces of work.

Ayling was a Cryptic Artist from 2012-14 and most recently, has presented work at the Aldeburgh, Brighton, Spitalfields and St Endellion festivals; the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow; Lincoln Center, New York; East 15, Essex and Omnibus Theatre, Clapham.  

Cryptic Commissions include: 

Remember Me

A sensual re-telling of the stories of mythical lovers Dido and Aeneas, and Orpheus and Euridice s a miniature anti-opera inside a writing desk. 


Image of Sonica 2013 Walk WIth Me iPhone

Walk With Me

Sound artists Jeroen Strijbos and Rob van Rijswijk present Sounds in Your Pocket, a Walk With Me composition commissioned by Cryptic for Sonica.

As a listener, walker and explorer of the city, you are the performer and creator of your own composition – moving fast or slow, sitting or standing – your audio experience will unfold.

Choose between two routes that explore Glasgow in very different guises and hear your perceptions transform through the melodies, electronica and chatter all around you…

  • Go to the App Store and search for Walk With Me (Strijbos & Van Rijswijk)
  • Download and select Sounds in Your Pocket.
  • Connect your headphones, press play and start walking.
  • Walk With Me uses the microphone, so it is recommended that your iPhone is handheld throughout.
Image of Sonica 2013 Voice

Sonica 2013: Voice

Sonica welcomes award winning Norwegian composer and sound sculptress Maja S K Ratkje for her Scottish debut She collaborates with multimedia visual architect HC Gilje to create a stunning audio-visual performance for voice.

The echoing beauty of whistles, growls, clicks and whisper-to-scream exhalations is accompanied by electronics and LED screens in a unique performance.

Norwegian artist Maja S K Ratkje and light designer HC Gilje were first seen in 2012 at Kontraste Festival in Minoretenkirchein Krems, Austria.

Booking information on


Cryptic is an internationally-renowned art house, creating a lasting artistic legacy by presenting high-quality, innovative work. Cryptic ‘ravishes the senses’ with performances that fuse music, sonic art and multi-media. Founded in Scotland by Cathie Boyd in 1994, Cryptic presents today’s most imaginative, international artists and nurtures the creative talent of tomorrow.

Tickets to Sonica 2013 now on sale! Ticket offers to shows at Tramway are available so book your Early Bird (£8) or Purchase 2 tickets and get the 3rd show free now.

Head to for full festival details.

Sample Post

Where would I go, if I could go, who would I be, if I could be, what would I say, if I had a voice, who says this, saying it’s me? Answer simply, someone answer simply. It’s the same old stranger as ever, for whom alone accusative I exist, in the pit of my inexistence, of his, of ours, there’s a simple answer. It’s not with thinking he’ll find me, but what is he to do, living and bewildered, yes, living, say what he may.

Call for Artists

We are currently seeking creatively ambitious artists with innovative ideas for our 2014/2015 Season. If you have an idea for a show, installation or gig but lack the resources and venue to realise its full potential, then we would like to hear from you.

Our next deadline for submissions is 21 November 2013.
For an application pack please contact

Sonica Volunteers

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