A walking meditation through art inspired by one of Scotland’s great wild landscapes…

Marking twenty-five years of ‘ravishing the senses’, Cryptic presents Below the Blanket, a series of new artworks installed throughout the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and inspired by one of Scotland’s most extraordinary and unsung natural features.

The Flow Country is the world’s largest blanket bog, a vast mass of peat and Sphagnum moss, shot through with hundreds of lochs, that covers 200,000 hectares in Caithness and Sutherland. Home to many rare animals, birds, insects and plants, the peat also acts as a natural store for carbon, helping to offset the effects of climate change.

Under the Creative Direction of Cathie Boyd, artists Kathy Hinde, Luci Holland, Hannah Imlach, Heather Lander, Matthew Olden and composer Malcolm Lindsay have made work responding to the Flow Country’s wildlife and soundscape, the gradual process of peat formation, and even the way the blanket bog ‘breathes’ as it expands and contracts. Visitors to the gardens will encounter artworks that are evocative, contemplative and beautiful – and will come away enlightened about this unique Scottish landscape.

Presented as part of The Peatland Partnership’s Flows to the Future Project (with RSPB Scotland as the lead partner), Below the Blanket is produced by Cryptic, with Creative Direction by Cathie Boyd.

Kindly supported by: The National Lottery Heritage Fund, RSPB Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, The Highland Council, Environmental Research Institute, The Flow Country, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Creative Scotland, PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development Partnership & The Old Curiosity

Image: Neil Jarvie