Following Heather Lander’s screening at MUTEK Montréal 2020 as part of Amplify D.A.I., Breaking Reverie Revisited presents ideas of magic, natural phenomena and virtual landscapes. It is a reflection on the natural world, with a view to understanding the ways in which the virtual will change our perception of the self and our physical landscape. Award-winning composer, Michael Begg, provides a textured sonic backdrop for this immersive video work. 

“As your eyes adjust to the light’s ever changing reflections and refractions, the beautiful geometric constructs take on their own three-dimensional life.” The Cusp

Through illusion, reflection, projection mapping and ink drawing, Lander presents an eternal day break on a distant horizon. At the edge between darkness and dawn, it draws you into an abstract landscape. Part physical, part virtualBreaking Reverie Revisited questions what lies beyond. 

One of our most significant contemporary experimental composers. A true visionary, Begg has quietly developed his own unique and affecting compositional style and sound.”The Active Listener