Cryptic at The Glad Cafe

Following Cryptic’s music residency at Cove Park, we bring you an eclectic triple bill of live electronic music from Scotland, Vietnam and Russia, with the aim to benefit both body and mind.   Written as part of a Fellowship with the NHS, exploring the relationship between health and sound, Alex Smoke’s Eirini is a soothing suite of electronics and live processing. Blending soaring vocal loops, textured found sound, and warm synthesis, LinhHafornow builds dense, engaging soundscapes featuring her native K’ni (mouth violin) which lead listeners through an intricate patchwork of emotions.  Inspired by the structure of the universe and the evolution of the human species, Aeger Smoothie’s part-improvised audiovisual project allows him to perform tracks that respond, and encourage us, to reflect on our personal journeys and empathise with each other through this shared creative experience. Aeger Smoothie is part of the British Council UK-Russia Year of Music/2019.

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