Digital Skies is an audio-visual performance and Cryptic Commission from Cryptic Artist Sonia Killmann that explores the phenomenon of light pollution in cities. As our city landscapes grow brighter and more colourful at night, we see ourselves growing further apart from the natural world. The more we are trying to imitate the beauty of a night sky through artificial light, the more we are depriving ourselves of the chance of ever seeing a truly natural star-lit sky.

Digital Skies consists of projections on objects with the  images exploring what an AI thinks nature might look like and how these images tie in with human intervention in nature. The piece aims to raise awareness of the paradox behind increasing human light pollution and the crucial need to preserve the environment by de-lighting the sky. Rather than creating an aggressive atmosphere, the piece aims to be a meditation on what current city planning might do to the environment and our mental health.

A Cryptic Commission developed at IMAL Brussels and Art House Jersey.