Exploring the boundaries between sonics, neuroscience and therapy, Glasgow-based musician and composer, Alex Smoke’s album Eirini, was written and produced as part of a Fellowship with the NHS. Benefitting both body and mind, this soothing electronic suite is performed with live processing and added vocals.

“Eirini is the culmination of a one-year fellowship with NHS Lothian, related to the new DCN (dept. of clinical neuroscience), investigating links between healthcare and sound… Part of the research was working through the literature and uncovering a whole range of ways in which sound can impact health, and the other part involved running EEG tests (with mixed success), and incorporating the various research into music for live performances and albums which could operate in reducing the stress response associated with reduced healing ability. Some of the ideas explored are music aligning to body rhythms, resonance, harmonica, alternation of frequency, exploration of modes, scales and tunings associated with healing in other cultures, as well as well understood ideas such as slow changes, slow sounds, associated with ‘ambient’ music that uses these same calming qualities.” Alex Smoke