The audio-visual experience of L’Apparition unfolds as a mesmerizing montage, blending Gustav Moreau’s preparatory sketches for his painting, L’Apparition, with iconic Hollywood figures like Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe. Orleans’ witty production ingeniously intertwines the timeless tale of Salome with a contemporary commentary on the pervasive male gaze in the art, music and film industry,  offering a fresh and empowering exploration of the femme fatale.

In this captivating fusion of music, cinema and theatre, Orleans shifts the spotlight away from established stereotypes and directs it squarely onto herself. The musical composition, a rich and layered tapestry influenced by the operatic works of Strauss and Massenet, blends with echoes of Hollywood hits such as I wanna be loved by you.  It features a haunting performance of Orleans’ interpretations with her own evocative voice and musical arrangements.

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