Journey into the unknown with Polish electronic sound and visual artist, Ela Orleans. Set to soaring music that recalls classic science-fiction movie soundtracks and sees the artist perform live on synthesiser, theremin and violin, footage of the 1969 Apollo moon mission is repurposed to retell the narrative of Night Thoughts, a nine-poem cycle written by Edward Young in the 1740s. Orleans’ Night Voyager marries visuals from the NASA archives capturing fearful but optimistic astronauts and their anxious loved ones left at home with Young’s meditation on death – and speaks, too, of the possibility of cultural forgetting, as in Young’s poem, now scarcely remembered but called in its time ‘the grandest and richest poetry that human genius has ever produced’.

“Rather than a linear retelling, Orleans’s show focuses on the astronauts’ emotional journey and the wider meaning of the lunar trip.” The National