Oscillon Response

Mark / Past Projects

Composer and visual artist Mark Lyken interprets the forefather of Electronic Art, Ben F Laposky’s pioneering “Oscillon” Electronic Abstractions. Working in collaboration with Sanford Museum, Iowa this Cryptic commission for Sonica 2015 merges Lyken’s sonic responses and visualisations with Laposky’s groundbreaking 1950’s art works.

Responding to a selection of six strikingly different photographic works capturing complex, rhythmic waveforms, not only are Laposky’s images a visual inspiration for Lyken’s compositions but the original process behind the creation of the artworks has been utilised to generate the accompanying visuals for the performance.

“Visceral sublimity.” The Cusp

Premiered at Sonica Glasgow 2015, followed by performances at Sonica London 2016; From Now On, Chapter, Cardiff; The Spree Festival, Paisley Arts Centre; Dumfries Music Conference, The Stove Network, sound Scotland, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen and Mareel, Shetland supported by PRS for Music Foundation’s Beyond Borders & On Site Artfest, EXPO Dome, Taipei EXPO Park.

Image: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan