“In Kathy Hinde’s Piano Migrations, a piano becomes a bird cage (or should that be a Cage bird)…” theartsdesk.com

Piano Migrations transforms the inside of a recycled piano into a kinetic sound sculpture. Projected videos of dozens of small birds landing on telegraph lines appear to flutter and settle on its strings: the movements of the birds trigger small machines to twitch, causing the piano strings to resonate. In Piano Migrations nature appears to control machines as they come together to create a delicate and ever-changing musical score.

 “… the standout experience is an audiovisual installation by Kathy Hinde: an ingenious music box, in which video of flittering birds on six electricity lines becomes an ever-changing score, their come-and-go presence triggering cracks and clicks in the guts of a piano mechanism. It’s somehow completely alive, and you could relax in its company for hours.”  Venue Magazine