A new collaboration between Glasgow-based artist-musicians Robbie Thomson and SUE ZUKIRottinghuis is a nightmarish creature-feature, an investigation into the dark side of the web, and an unnerving depiction of disintegration. An everyday living room is swallowed up by proliferating gaps in space, as though the code of the world is unravelling; a monstrous insect is glimpsed fleetingly, in flashes of light – is it inert or alive, hovering or scuttling directly towards the viewer? The ominous industrial-techno soundtrack uses samples taken from a livestreaming chatroom whose content, like the audio the artists make from it, is as compelling as it is disturbing.  

Developed and premiered in 2018 at a Grand Theatre Groningen Residency, followed by performances at Sonica Glasgow 2019 and supported by: Cryptic & The Hugh Fraser Foundation

Image: Neil Jarvie