Signal at Dusk

Cryptic connect land and sea with sound in Signal at Dusk, a captivating, boundary-crossing coastal opera set against the transitioning sunset sky by Dutch duo Strijbos & Van Rijswijk.

“Both restrained and overwhelming; beautiful and with a subtle structure, it is an intimate personal experience that you share with many.” BN De Stem

Roaming the beach, four female voices sing of desire, destruction and loss accompanied by 24 loudspeakers. Like a siren song, fragments of poems from these modern-day mermaids lure listeners along a kilometre long stretch of Irvine beach as darkness falls. Their ethereal voices move over the sand like the desolate tones of foghorns.

“All of this performed against the beauty of a sunset. Hypnotising.” CuttingEdge

Exploring mankind’s never-ending interaction with nature and the sea, the work is also presented as a daytime, environmental installation, Signal-on-Sea, which all beach users can explore. Accompanied by a sonic-tapestry of choral voices, this operatic odyssey will make for a memorable maritime adventure for all to enjoy.​