From dog walkers, to day trippers, Cryptic invites you to escape to the coast and experience Signal-on-Sea, a captivating, large-scale environmental sound installation on Irvine Beach by Dutch duo, Strijbos & Van Rijswijk

“Both restrained and overwhelming; beautiful and with a subtle structure, it is an intimate personal experience that you share with many.” BN De Stem

Using 24 long-throw speakers, Signal-on-Sea connects land and sea with music, interweaving singing with an enchanting soundscape beaming across the beach and overlooking the Isle of Arran.

“At a certain moment it felt like I barely touched the ground, as if I was floating.” Audience member

Signal-on-Sea is a unique and moving opportunity to rediscover and explore this remarkable landscape with music and texts evoking imagery that enrich the environment around you.

“I was so moved, I actually had tears in my eyes.” Audience member

Once experienced, never forgotten…  

“Absolutely stunning.” Audience member

“After two years of planning, we are excited and very pleased to be able to bring Signal to Scotland. It is an amazing opportunity for people to immerse themselves in the remarkable Irvine beach landscape in an unforgettable way. For many, it will be a familiar place, but through music, we hope they will see it in a different light. This installation inspires many different interpretations, but we particularly welcome people to reflect on their relationship with the natural environment, and also the consequences and questions that are arising given the impact of the current climate crisis, especially along our coast lines. We can’t wait to return to bonnie Scotland and work with Cryptic once again on what is set to be a very poignant moment as part of the Year of Coasts & Waters 20/21. Signal is not only meant for music lovers, it is open for everyone to discover and dream.” Strijbos & Van Rijswijk