Cryptic connect land and sea with music in Signal-on-Sea, a captivating large-scale, environmental sound installation on Irvine Beach by Dutch duo, Strijbos & Van Rijswijk.

“Both restrained and overwhelming; beautiful and with a subtle structure, it is an intimate personal experience that you share with many.” BN De Stem

Using 24 long-throw speakers, Signal-on-Sea interweaves voices with an enchanting soundscape amplified across a stretch of the beach overlooking the Isle of Arran. The vastness of the coastline makes every visitor feel part of the wonder of nature.

“At a certain moment it felt like I barely touched the ground, as if I was floating.” Audience member

Signal-on-Sea is a unique and moving opportunity to rediscover and explore this remarkable landscape with music and texts evoking imagery that enhance and transform the environment.

“I was so moved, I actually had tears in my eyes.” Audience member

Once experienced, never forgotten…  

“Absolutely stunning.” Audience member