Yann Seznec is the inventor of the wildly popular Wii Loop Machine, the Mukik music remixing system for iPhone and many other innovations in alternative music control. In SUCKERBALLZ! he shows off his new interactive performance ExerciseMagic!! (in which he deconstructs and interacts with a nineties aerobics video – Real Results with Corontation Street’s Beverley Callard) and a selection of his short films.

Rachel MacLean meanwhile presents her hyper-glowing surrealist vision of Scottishness as explored through a selection of her own videos, including Tae Think Again and her newest work Going Bananas. Susan Boyle, gangs of kilt-wearing robots and Mary Queen of Scots make up the cast of these funny and provocative pieces. Rachel describes her work as “both nauseatingly positive and cheerfully grotesque.”