The Embassy

Josh / Past Projects

Become a guest at The Embassy of New Great Britain, a fictional reality, where the senses are stimulated and the imagination is intoxicated. An evening of satiation where you can indulge in luxury: a live string quartet, cocktails, tastings, performers and other pleasures.

What if we enjoy this virtual reality more than reality itself? This exciting new work from Josh Armstrong (Little Match Girl Passion) questions our values and desires in our present world and for the future.

“Divine decadence.” The Herald

Director & Concept: Josh Armstrong
Composer: David Donaldson
Counter-tenor & Libretto: Steve Dugardin
Performers: Astrid Quartet, Tom Harlow & Vendetta Vain
Embassy Staff: Sophia Carr-Gomm, Tafline Steen & Kim Allan

A Cryptic production by Josh Armstrong for Cryptic Nights, supported by Creative Scotland through the National Lottery Fund, Glasgow City Council & PRS for Music Foundation.

Image: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan