Recognised from Channel 4’s The Piano and successful Edinburgh Fringe shows, Collide is a new immersive audiovisual performance by the self-taught composer and multi-instrumentalist, Sean Logan. Overcoming the challenges of life on the autistic spectrum, Logan delves into themes of communication, expression, and transhumanism through a captivating live electronic performance inspired by dance music, enhanced by cutting-edge motion capture technology that generates real-time visuals. Logan and his digital avatar become protagonists, seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms. Collaborating with Angus Bradley and using KitBash3D, the performance guides the audience through diverse landscapes, highlighting the contrast between human and machine.

Join us for a post-show discussion where we gain insights into the fascinating intersection of art, technology, and neurodiversity in a conversation with Sean Logan hosted by Rob Holland, Director of the National Autistic Society Scotland. Don’t miss this unique experience!

Cryptic in partnership with the National Autistic Society Scotland and Drake Music Scotland.