Elephant, you shake your sheep is a bold, new collaboration between France-based multidisciplinary artist-composer Annabelle Playe and UK-based musician Harry Gorski-Brown. This new sound work explores the limitations of the bagpipes alongside the endless potentials of electronics.

Elephant, you shake your sheep is a Cryptic Commission for Sonica made in the UK and France in partnership with GMEM in Marseille, Theatre Hexagone in Grenoble, Stereolux in Nantes, and Un Singe en Hiver in Dijon.

Supported by Diaphonique, Franco-British fund for contemporary music, in partnership with the SACEM, the Friends of the French Institute Trust, the British Council, the Institut français, the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, the Centre National de la Musique, Creative Scotland and the Salabert Fondation.