A co-production between Cryptic with Alex Smoke (Scotland) and Station Mir with Paul Duncombe (France). During a high level international scientific project expedition to the South Pacific, Paul Duncombe gathered a collection of images and videos using photogrammetry, electron microscope scanning, 3D scanning and binocular cameras. He will compile this footage into a film about the deep sea and collaborate with composer Alex Smoke who will score the soundtrack.

Residencies will take place in Caen, followed by a live audio visual performances in Caen and Glasgow.

Exploring the endangered natural heritage of our coral reefs, this collaboration between Cryptic with Alex Smoke (sound and music) and Station Mir with Paul Duncombe (fine art and digital art) will cross music, digital arts, biology and the environmental emergency with poetic exploration and ecological claim. Abyssal will raise public awareness of the environmental issues of our time through thought provoking and innovative public performances. It will be a unique opportunity for Paul Duncombe and Alex Smoke to collaborate for the first time and enable them to develop their artistic practice, encourage career sustainability, and support them to make their own artistic choices.

Tapemoana is part of the British Council’s Spotlight on Culture UK-France 2024 Fund, in partnership with Station Mir, festival ]interstice[18, Normandie Impressionniste, Cryptic Glasgow and British Council.