About the Artist

Robbie Thomson is a Glasgow based artist and theatre maker who works with kinetic sculpture, music, lighting design and technology.  Thomson is a member of 85A; a collective that started in 2008. In 2011 he was a founding director of the Glue Factory, an independent arts venue in Glasgow and since 2013 has been a Cryptic Associate. Thomson also worked closely with Untitled Projects on their last two major productions and NVA’s Hinterland at St Peter’s Seminary, which premiered in March 2016.  Recent performance, XFRMR was a development from Thomson’s show Ecstatic Arc presented at the Edinburgh Festival at Summerhall in 2013.  His Cryptic projects have been shown across Australia, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands and widely around the UK.

Cryptic Commissions for Sonica include:

Ecstatic Arc

Seductive in its raw beauty, Thomson’s kinetic performance work comes to life in a machine-powered, theatrical installation created using found objects, recording devices and a caged tesla coil.


XFRMR explores the possibilities of the Tesla Coil as an instrument in its own right in a composition inspired by the sounds of space weather and electromagnetic fields.

The New Alps

A kinetic/sonic installation that imagines a disorientating futuristic landscape, populated by robotic inhabitants. The work is inspired by the monumental interventions humans have made on the planet, creating manufactured landscapes that exist outwith geological time.