Cryptic Nights is an annual open call for emerging, Scottish-based artists to develop existing visual sonic work with support and mentoring from Cryptic.

Presented in partnership with the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow, we support talented artists with fresh ideas, crossing creative boundaries with live music, visual and sonic art. Since 2009, Cryptic Nights has presented over 280 artists including: 

2019: Emma Clark, Kris Halpin, Clare Johnston, Kin, Erin O’Neill, Dr Jules Rawlinson, Silent Chaos & Steven Thornton; 2018: Ross Blair, Maria Braender, Elph, Mike Guest, Fergus Hall, Luci Holland, John Lemke, Sarah McWhinney, Robert Motyka, Claus Otto, Urška Preis, Craig Robertson, Julie Sparsø Damkjaer & Tom Sulat; 2017: Charlie Knox, Greg Lawson, Su-a Lee, Stuart MacPherson, Euan Mckenzie & John Wallace; 2016: William Aikman, Darien Brito, Timothy Cooper, Luke Fowler, David Fyans, Jonny Knox, Heather Lander, Guy Lee, Anna Lucia Nissen, Kian McEvoy, Alex Rathbone & Richard Youngs; 2015: Matthew Collings, Clea Friend, Pete Furniss, Emma Lloyd, Numbercult, Dr Jules Rawlinson, Jamie Wardrop, Lewis Wardrop & Sean Williams; 2014: Michael Butcher, Vanessa Coffey, Ed Crawley, Emma Dove, Alexander Horowitz, Mark Lyken, Joshua Payne & Mikolaj Szatko; 2013: Jamie Bolland, Matthew Collings, Dr Steven Ford, Steve Forman, Tom Harlow, Aimée Laws, Donal McCruden, Andrew McDowell, Christos Michalakos, Erik Par & Bill Whitmer; 2012: Kayus Bankole, Raydale Dower, Sisi Lu, Rory Middleton, Steven Morrison; 2011: Aderline Bourret, Sarah Cairncross, Anya Clifford, Oliver Coates, Lewis Gourlay, Claricia Kruithoff, Graeme Miller, Joanne Pirrie, Roderick Price, David Russo, Robbie Thomson, Abby Warrilow & Sven Werner; 2010: Josh Armstrong, Oliver Coates, Elena Cochero, Dave Donnelly, Sarah Kenchington, Kitty the Lion, Ruaridh Law, Malve Lippman, Rachel MacLean, Anna Meredith, Tony Mills, Matt Norris and The Moon, one dot zero, Yann Seznec, Catriona Shaw & Robbie Thomson, and 2009: Stefan Agamanolis, Any Colour Black, Chris Gorman, Peter Gregson, Sue Hawksley, Tomoko Hayashi, James Houston, Matthew Karau, Konx-Om-Pax, John B. McKenna, Anna Meldrum, Netwurker Mez, Muddy Face, one dot zero, Matt Pyke, Hannu Rajaniemi, Gail Sneddon, The Niallist, Thomson & Craighead, J. Simon Van Der Walt, Sophie Walter & Phillip Ward. 


“A well honed stomping ground for creative types.” The List

“Cryptic specialise in bringing multi-media technology to bear in presenting the work of emerging artists.”
The Metro