Cryptic has been a member of the The Green Arts Initiative, an interactive community of Scottish arts organisations working to reduce their environmental impact, since 2014. From then on, we have been trailblazers in our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, regularly programming works that draw attention to the climate emergency, informing, influencing and inspiring our audiences.

Image credit: Neil Jarvie

“Magical and transporting, but also truly educational” Audience Member

As a leading cultural organisation, we are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable and environmentally aware arts sector in Scotland. By taking a low carbon approach to project planning, delivery and artistic programming in addition to measuring and analysing our carbon emissions, we are able to make strategic decisions towards lowering our emissions.

We are actively engaged with Creative Carbon Scotland and are members of the CCA’s Cultural Tenant’s Green Team. Cryptic staff regularly attend talks, conferences and training sessions to ensure we are up to date with current environmental strategy and targets.

Cryptic’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact was exemplified by our 2019 project Below the Blanket, nominated for a Total Theatre Award and securing an invitation to share our environmental best practice at Creative Carbon Scotland’s Green Arts Conference.

“a beautifully paced, thoughtful show, one whose location within the natural environment is key to its impact. It’s an experience that demands and rewards slow, careful attention…” Arts Desk on Below the Blanket